What could be more enjoyable than spending some time with you friends while browsing our unique artisan jewellery.  All our jewellery pieces are hand made, one of a kind or a limited edition.  They are of the highest quality and are not mass produced.  We have lots of different jewellery styles and designs to suit all budgets. We also offer a wide range of accessories – bag charms, key rings, beaded bookmarks, wine glass charms etc.

If you would like to host a jewellery party, I would love to bring my jewellery along for an evening party, coffee morning or any other social event, where you and your friends could try on my unique, hand crafted designs to complement your favourite outfits.  

As a party hostess you will receive either a free gift or a discount on your purchase to the value of £40, so please get in touch with me to discuss this option.

Also, for every follow on party booked during your jewellery party, you may choose another piece of jewellery once the booked party has taken place. 



You invite 10-20 guests (friends, work mates, family members, neighbours etc), I come one hour before the party to set up and then we all have fun and enjoy the company of your friends and family.

To book please click here.  

  •  "Thanks ever so much for my beautiful blue agate necklace and bracelet set.  I get many complements wearing it!"

     Sharon, Southgate 

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